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Find easy-to-follow yet practically effective first aid training.
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The Heartsaver Basic First Aid course introduces learners to common first aid emergencies, the methods to determining a first aid emergency, the proper procedures for using life-saving skills, and the proper way to call for help.

As a Heartsaver course, it is great for people with little to no medical training who need course completion certification for employment, regulatory, or other requirements. Both online materials and on-site training are provided for a full, engaging learning experience.

Why Train with KMS Life Saver?

  • Fully Equipped – Our training site has all the supplies, equipment, and instruction material you will need.
  • Quick and Easy – You get to train with professionals who provide comprehensive yet easy to follow instruction.
  • Immediate Results – You don’t have to wait too long to get your certification.
  • Practically Effective – We follow the latest standards of Basic Life Support, CPR, and first-aid set by the country’s leading healthcare and emergency response institutions.
  • AHA Materials and Manuals – We implement courses created by the American Heart Association (AHA), the leading authority in cardiovascular health in the US.

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Our instructors, materials, and training sessions are readily accessible for you. Whether you need training as a healthcare practitioner, employee, or concerned layman, we ensure the best possible education in both knowledge and practical application.

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