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Learn about the people who will help you learn lifesaving skills.
trainer showing student proper way to perform cpr

Basic Life Support is a skill that requires a tremendous amount of expertise and care to ensure proper education. It pays to work with instructors that offer the latest knowledge and skills in teaching healthcare providers on the field or in training, employees, and laymen.

Such is the standard of service that KMS Life Saver always strives for. To ensure that our BLS and CPR training courses address the current needs and requirements of healthcare institutions and non-medical settings, we implement a strict process of screening and evaluation for every trainer we work with.

It is a must that our trainers should always have current certification as BLS instructors. We also go over their employment history, skill level, medical qualifications, and ability to teach effectively. Each one regularly attends workshops and seminars to keep their knowledge and skills relevant to the current needs of the healthcare industry, whether it is for teaching medical practitioners or persons who simply require training for personal involvement or compliance.

Would you like to learn more about our BLS instructors? Our representatives are waiting to address your inquiries. Please call 831-601-9752 or email us at for more details.