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Learn under the supervision of BLS providers who ensure the best possible level of practical application and education.
group of medical students testing professional resuscitation equipment on a dummy

Our Mission

To provide fundamental training services that can enhance individuals to become competent and confident in performing life-saving skills.

Our Vision

We aim to be recognized as one of the leading training centers in Monterey County in providing excellent training services in health care.

During cardiac arrest, every move and moment counts. Whether you are a healthcare provider or a person in the workplace or walking down the street, your intervention is crucial to ensure the victim’s survival.

KMS Life Saver can help you to be competent in a cardiac arrest situation. It is a training site owned by Max and Annie Sebolino, that offers fundamental training services in saving lives and will allow healthcare professionals and the general public to access reliable BLS and ACLS training under the supervision of experts.

Max and Annie, who have been part of the nursing profession for more than a decade, believe that everyone can perform life-saving skills with the appropriate training that will mold each individual to be able to execute these abilities.

KMS Life Saver is dedicated to providing exceptional training services in a comfortable way of learning that will suit your needs, may it be for personal knowledge, school requirements, or work requirements. We use the latest instruction materials and training procedures offered by the American Heart Association (AHA), the country’s leading authority in cardiovascular healthcare. Take part in increasing the survival of cardiac arrest victims by training with us.

Why Choose Us?

  • On-site and online training
  • Certificate renewals
  • Training with certified BLS instructors
  • Training material that meets current healthcare standards

Train With Us

KMS Life Saver gladly trains healthcare providers and the general public who want to learn essential skills in saving lives and ensuring the survival of patients. We even offer our class right at your own facility. To learn more about our training programs, please call 831-601-9752 or email us at